Visit our taproom to see a rotating showcase of artwork by local artists. You can learn more about what is currently on display below.

Matt Macias with artwork on display at Frogtown Brewery 

Local artist MATT MACIAS

Artwork on display april - may 2018

My artwork comes from my soul. The positive and negative experiences I had growing up are expressed through my artwork. I first discovered my interest in arts and crafts by watching my Mom color in her Precious Moments coloring books. I would enjoy watching my Mom turn a black and white page into a colorful crisp piece of work. From then on, whenever it came to arts and crafts I felt a responsibility to better my artistic skills. I did not think much of it. Art felt right.

I am driven by the fact art is CREATED allowing the freedom to enjoy any perspective, state of mind, or envision. I am passionate, knowing my talented gifts will bring some sort of peace of mind and perspective to those seeking relativity. The reflective impact I receive from either my customers or people passing criticism is motivating. How they respond to my art encourages me to invest more time into what I love doing most. I see myself being an artist of all types. I feel that freedom of expression is best practiced and appreciated as a result of the amount of dedication an artist pours into their work, regardless of how the message is perceived. Sky scrapers, The Los Angeles sunset horizon, Automotive Vehicles, Landscapes, and Street Art are all forms of Art Work. The goal is to be inspired by this city, to create something of your own, so another person shall repeat the creative growth process.

I wish to continue as an artist for the remainder of my life. I hope everyone appreciates my art work and will consider the energy I’ve invested, and use that to better themselves and better the world around them. I believe in leading by example. That is a little insight into where I am from, what I represent,  and what I want to accomplish in the near future. I hope you all enjoy the Art Show at Frogtown Brewery.

Follow Matt on Instagram: @MATTMACIAS5


local artist fern chavez

artwork on display february - march 2018

Fern Chavez was born in Los Angeles. Her earlier years as an artist involved Fashion Design and later that extended into Interiors. Seeking new mediums and creative endeavors, she began to travel. Through her travels, she was inspired to create a lifestyle company that embodies the spirit of spontaneous travel and the sourcing of unique vintage goods and treasures - The Bandit Life. It is a lifestyle tailored for the individual who values new experiences. A natural next step for Fern was photography.
Finally, she was able to merge her passion for photography with her other mediums.
In this exhibition, Fern presents her latest photography series: Cuba in Transition.

Follow Fern on Instagram: @TheBanditLifeLA